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Truth in Numbers

11:12 AM, Jan 4, 2010 • By JOHN NOONAN
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Here's a handy little chart from the Old Grey Lady, breaking down three years worth of benchmark data from the Global War on Terrorism Overseas Contingency Operat-- er... Global War on Terrorism.

Though there's still some knifework to be done, Iraq is looking like Eden compared to the trying pre-Surge epoch. The metrics from Afgahanistan are encouraging too, with the obligatory caveat that the strategic situation in the Hindu Kush is still precarious. Overall, an appealing amalgamation of data for the victory-minded citizen -- even more so when you consider the source.

Though you do have to wonder, would Obama have doubled-down in Afghanistan if Petraeus' Iraq pacification hadn't succeeded beyond expectation? Where would our Afghanistan strategy be if General Petraeus hadn't provided a perfect case-study for effective prosecution of a tough counter-insurgency?

Could Iraq have saved Afghanistan?

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