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White House Knew About Third Party Crasher Since Mid-December

What they knew and when they knew it.

9:05 AM, Jan 5, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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The newly revealed third party crasher at the White House's first State Dinner was a D.C. party promoter who reportedly arrived with the official Indian delegation and was waved in without a background check or invitation.

White House Knew About Third Party Crasher Since Mid-December

Crashed: A party crasher, resplendent in red, greets the president at a state dinner.

He's not deemed to have been a threat, but he's certainly another embarrassment. With as much press as the Salahis got, one wonders if the networks will go all in for another round. Clearly, the ratings were good.

And, if they do decide to cover it, this might be their angle:

Ed Henry of CNN, yesterday: "There have long been rumors of third party crasher at State Dinner that WH shot down. Now Secret Service saying procedural changes made."

The Washington Post, today: "The White House declined to comment about the breach, although an administration official, who asked to speak without attribution, said the White House has known about the third crasher since mid-December."

Methinks the press corps, when covering the Bush administration, would have been quite upset about this.