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Thrilled to Death

Three new titles on the crime fiction list.

Sep 10, 2007, Vol. 12, No. 48 • By JON L. BREEN
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Based on the back story, particularly regarding Challis's late wife, both are apparently among those series characters with excessively eventful and harrowing personal lives. Other cop activities touched on include a detective training course, the dubious police shooting of a career burglar, and the breaking-in of a new private forensics lab. Disher is clearly an expert at this sort of thing, and the distinctive setting is an added benefit.

These are three very good crime novels of three diverse types. Though they could have gone in the direction of elongated action scenes and overwrought anxiety generation, they are better books for choosing another direction.

Jon L. Breen is the author, most recently, of Eye of God.