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In Search of Trumbo

You won't find him in The Movie.

Jul 21, 2008, Vol. 13, No. 42 • By RONALD RADOSH
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Of course, Trumbo: The Movie will have none of this, for it would have to acknowledge that, for much of his life in Hollywood, Trumbo was an active Communist who followed every twist and turn of the party line. It would have to be candid about his later doubts and disillusionment, and show that he was anything but a martyr for the First Amendment. It would have to show that Trumbo had come to feel that many of the "informers" had left the Communist party "to avoid constant attempts to meddle with the ideological content" of their writing. Therefore, as he put it, "I have no intent of fanning the embers of justifiable hatred which burned so brightly twenty-five years ago."

Fifty years later, Trumbo's son and Peter Askin want to do just that.

Ronald Radosh, adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute, is the coauthor, with Allis Radosh, of Red Star Over Hollywood.