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Sunday Show Wrap-Up

Stephen Hadley makes the rounds.

6:10 PM, Dec 3, 2006 • By SONNY BUNCH
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In addition to Hadley, Meet the Press featured interviews with Senators Carl Levin and John Warner. In addition to platitudes on Iraq, they also opined on Bush's nominee to replace Rumsfeld as secretary of defense. When asked whether or not he will be confirmed next week, Levin said "I think it's likely he'll be confirmed, but it's very important that there be a thorough process, and I want to give our chairman credit for making sure that there is a thorough process." Warner punted, saying "I think--I say with a great deal of confidence that our committee will do a very thorough job on Tuesday. I hope we can vote the nomination out at the conclusion of a long, open session to be followed by a closed session, and that on Wednesday, there'll be, at the direction of our leadership, a floor debate and a vote."

Fox News Sunday featured interviews with senators Joe Biden and Lindsey Graham, both of whom said they would support Gates's nomination. Graham also laid out his vision for Iraq, and reminded the audience what exactly is at stake in Iraq. "We need to respond to the agenda of our enemy. If we redeploy to a friendly nation under these circumstances, the terrorists will see that as retreat and defeat, and they will come after us in that friendly nation. They will say 'Aha, we got them to break and leave in Iraq, they've gone to this new country [where] they think they are safe. Well we're going to show America you're not safe. If you want to be safe America, leave the region to us. Let us have our way in this region. If you want to be safe, give us Israel.' That's their agenda. So we've got to win in Iraq. And any strategy that unites the country and we lose, I'm against. I'd rather be divided as a nation and win then united as a nation and lose."

Sonny Bunch is assistant editor at THE WEEKLY STANDARD.