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Have I Got a Proposition For You

California's tax revolt, 30 years on.

Jun 9, 2008, Vol. 13, No. 37 • By ARNOLD STEINBERG
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As time goes by, of course, more and more of the original supporters (many were seniors 30 years ago) disappear from the electorate. I just conducted a study for the Jarvis organization of how California voters view Proposition 13. Although they feel (by 3-to-1) that things in California are on the wrong track, they would vote for Proposition 13 again--by a 2-to-1 margin. It does not do as well among the roughly one-third of the electorate that is "not familiar at all" with Prop. 13. But once they are told of its key provisions, voters opt to keep Prop. 13 as is. Here's to 30 more years.

Arnold Steinberg is a political strategist
and analyst.