What Others Say

"The preeminent political journal in America."

"The oracle of American politics"
—CNN's Wolf Blitzer

"...The Weekly Standard has become a forceful presence in the world of political opinion...It is the most intelligent, aggressive and well-written publication out there."
—National Journal

"Has The Weekly Standard become the most powerful magazine, Mara?"
"Brit, it certainly has."
—exchange between anchorman Brit Hume and reporter Mara Liasson, Fox News Channel

"The Standard's editors have inaugurated one of the most interesting Beltway debates in years."
—The New Republic

"DC's opinion makers are reading The Weekly Standard."

"[The Weekly Standard] is the magazine I get most grumpy about when it's not delivered."
—Abe Rosenthal, former editor, The New York Times

"I don't think you can do without it if you want to know what's going on in Washington."
—Robert Novak

"Widespread reaction to the editorial proved that of the roughly 65,000 people who read the Standard each week, many are what you might call important."
—GQ Magazine

"The Weekly Standard is required reading up here. You have to see it to be a part of the conversation."
—John Kasich, former House Budget Committee Chair

"[One of] Washington's better read political magazines"
—The Economist

"The Weekly Standard is a must-read for people in Washington."
—Jack Nelson, The Los Angeles Times

"The Weekly Standard [has] the advantage of possessing...editors whose insights and arguments are uncommonly provocative...[They] know Washington, know politics and have demonstrated over the years a rare capacity for civil and unusually sensible argument and analysis."
—David Broder, The Washington Post

"...you speak in two very influential pulpits. You're on television a lot of the time...and you're the editor of an influential magazine."
—Peter Jennings, ABC News [live interview with William Kristol]

"The Weekly Standard is a 'must read' for anyone interested in American politics and American life."
—William J. Bennett