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Accentuating the positive at the Whitney

May 10, 2010, Vol. 15, No. 32 • By JAMES GARDNER
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As recently as a generation ago, when the art world was guided by an easily discernible mainstream, such repetitions were tolerable. But today, they have largely ceased to amuse, and our collective patience grows thin. That is why such pluralistic irresolution as this latest Biennial offers is ultimately unsatisfying. The crowds appear to have petered out, and there is no buzz, not even a hint of hype, to leaven the heaviness of these proceedings. But through its very inadequacies, the 2010 Biennial does us the service, unintentionally, of revealing the true state of the established art world at the present time.

James Gardner recently translated Vida’s Christiad (I Tatti Renaissance Library).

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