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Disorder at the Border

What Obama wrought.

Jul 21, 2014, Vol. 19, No. 42 • By SCOTT W. JOHNSON
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Gregory tried again: “I’m trying to get an answer to: Will most of them end up staying, in your judgment?” Johnson responded: “I think we need to find more efficient, effective ways to turn this tide around generally, and we’ve already begun to do that.”

We can infer that the answer is they’ll end up staying. (DHS did not return my call seeking clarification of Secretary Johnson’s remarks.) The United Nations has begun demanding that the Central American minors be treated as refugees.

Scheduled to attend a couple of big-buck Democratic fundraisers last week in Dallas and Austin, within shouting distance of the border, Obama declined to take a look at what’s going on with his own eyes. A White House spokesman explained that Obama already had a good grasp of the “situation,” while the president himself declared, “I’m not interested in photo-ops. I’m interested in solving the problem.” Even some Democrats didn’t buy it. “Don’t take any cameras, Mr. President, but go down there and see what we’re facing,” Texas congressman Henry Cuellar said on CNN, calling it Obama’s “Katrina moment.”

Obama was ultimately shamed into holding a couple of meetings before he flew off to a fundraiser at the home of Machete director Robert Rodriguez, where donors paid up to $32,400 to hobnob with the president and Hollywood celebrities. After the talks, which included Texas governor Rick Perry, Obama made a brief statement, arguing for “comprehensive immigration reform” and the $3.7 billion he’s requested, and filibustered responses to two questions. He said that Governor Perry had asked him to deploy the National Guard at the border, conceded that it made sense, but opposed it as a “temporary” measure.  He blamed Republicans for the crisis, deriding them as opponents of negotiation and compromise. Calling his claims straw men is an insult to straw men everywhere, but the metaphor is apt. Obama’s straw men are the only force that will be deployed at the border, and they are inviting people to come on in.

Scott W. Johnson is a Minneapolis attorney and contributor to the website Power Line.

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