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Fight to the Debt

May 23, 2011, Vol. 16, No. 34 • By YUVAL LEVIN
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Republicans should also pursue the budget process reforms in the Ryan budget, including statutory caps on discretionary spending, binding caps on total federal spending as a percentage of GDP, and the transitioning of some mandatory spending into the regular appropriations process. This would be good policy and good politics. Some Democrats may even find it appealing.

The Ryan budget provides Republicans with a concrete policy agenda directed precisely to what the debt ceiling fight will require. The Democrats have no such agenda, giving Republicans an additional tactical edge. Rather than waste the opportunity on gimmicks and slogans, they should make the most of that advantage, and of the best opportunity they will have until next year’s election not only to change the conversation in Washington but to make real and lasting spending cuts in the federal budget.

—Yuval Levin




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