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Mysteries of Oslo

The tenuous relation of the Nobel Peace Prize to peace.

May 7, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 32 • By JOHN BOLTON
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If Norway has a watch list to detect undesirable foreigners trying to enter their country, Jay Nordlinger is undoubtedly on it. Not only has he said unkind things about the Nobel Peace Prize, he has said them in a devastatingly fair, thorough, and equitable treatment of the institution throughout its history. Had this book been a one-sided screed, the prize’s acolytes would have far less trouble in scoffing or ignoring it. Unfortunately for them, Peace, They Say is irreproachably temperate. 

Perhaps Nordlinger will next take on the Nobel Prize for literature!

John Bolton, ambassador to the United Nations during 2005-06, is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.