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Obama’s collapsing numbers.

Dec 16, 2013, Vol. 19, No. 14 • By FRED BARNES
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What should we make of a president whose poll numbers have collapsed together? It’s noteworthy this has occurred in Obama’s second term, when he lacks a campaign to run ads praising him and denigrating his opponents, pollster Ed Goeas says. And there’s no future candidacy for people to rally around. At the moment, Goeas adds, “the more people see him, the madder they get.” 

But it’s more than just that. “When most or all the measures fall simultaneously, it means that something dramatic has happened to undermine the public’s confidence in the president,” Sabato says. “The Obamacare rollout and presidential misleading on keeping your doctor and insurance explain [Obama’s] recent polling fate.”

But not entirely. There’s another factor. Obama is on his own now. He’s flying solo as president. And what the polls reveal, when taken together, is a rising concern that he may not be up to the job.

Fred Barnes is an executive editor at The Weekly Standard.

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