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Waiting for Obama

Don't expect White House leadership on corporate tax reform.

Apr 22, 2013, Vol. 18, No. 30 • By IKE BRANNON
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And that’s the rub: This administration has yet to evince any particular enthusiasm for economic growth. Oh sure, it wants to use Keynesian-style spending to get us back to full employment, since it’s fun and politically fruitful to divvy up money for highways or transit. But when it comes to thinking about how we might boost private investment and improve worker productivity—which is what economists think of when they talk about growth—the Obama administration is out to lunch. I suspect it’s because they doubt that their constituents benefit much from growth or that taxes affect investment or effort in the slightest.

Can tax reform happen if the administration’s leading from behind? We’ll soon enough find out.

Ike Brannon is research director of the R Street Institute.

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