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‘We Don’t Estimate Speeches’

Jul 4, 2011, Vol. 16, No. 40 • By YUVAL LEVIN
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“Sadly” is right, but Reid and Obama are the leaders the Democrats have, and it is high time they faced up to the nation’s foremost domestic challenge. Republicans were right to force the budget debate to the top, and now President Obama must decide if he is finally ready to get serious.

The country is facing a fiscal disaster greatly exacerbated by the policies of the Obama administration and congressional Democrats, but so far the president has refused to acknowledge the problem or act to alleviate it. He has been struggling to avoid making tough choices, hoping instead to paper over our troubles with words and so distract voters from the need for action. The public, however, is more serious than the president supposes. If he fails to show leadership and take meaningful action to reduce our debt, he will find that voters do not estimate by speeches. They reach their judgments by looking at results.

—Yuval Levin



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