The Once and Future Governor

The Once and Future Governor

Jerry Brown’s third chance to get it right.

Dec 27, 2010, Vol. 16, No. 15 • By BILL WHALEN



Sleeper Candidate

Joe Biden's interest in the presidency comes back to haunt Democrats.

12:00 AM, Aug 18, 2005

Trouble in Paradise

The Governator takes his first lumps.

12:00 AM, Jul 22, 2005

The PETA Principle

Will the group's efforts to curb animal testing run afoul of Bay Area sensibilities?

12:00 AM, Jun 22, 2005

Disaster by the Bay

Is the sorry state of San Francisco sports some kind of cosmic payback?

12:00 AM, Jun 3, 2005

Meathead's Moment

Will Rob Reiner take on the Governator?

12:00 AM, Apr 8, 2005

Hollywood's New Hillary

Will Geena Davis's new TV show about a woman president be good for Sen. Clinton's 2008 chances?

11:00 PM, Mar 10, 2005

Where the Inmates Run the Asylum

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors shows what democracy is all about.

11:00 PM, Jan 31, 2005

The State of the Arnold

Governor Schwarzenegger gives his State of the State address and puts Democrats on the defensive--again.

2:00 PM, Jan 6, 2005

The GOP's BCS Conspiracy

The University of Texas moves past Cal-Berkeley in the BCS--that wouldn't have anything to do with politics, would it?

11:00 PM, Dec 8, 2004

Arnold's Paper Anniversary

A year ago, the Governator was sworn in. Since then, California has returned to the state of wacky weirdness that the rest of America has come to expect from it.

11:00 PM, Nov 16, 2004

Propositioning California

The presidential race in the Golden State is boring--but a slew of ballot initiatives have made November 2 interesting in Califorinia.

12:00 AM, Oct 29, 2004

Ducks, Ferrets, and Arnold--Oh My!

As if things weren't strange enough--it's bill signing season in the Golden State.

12:00 AM, Sep 17, 2004

The Fall Classic

Red Sox-Yankees and Bush-Kerry are more closely related than you think.

12:00 AM, Sep 8, 2004

Colorado Dreamin'

How Colorado voters could mess things up for either Bush or Kerry. (And make things good for Californians at the same time.)

12:00 AM, Aug 18, 2004

He's Going to Pump--Them Up

Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on the California legislature: Is he just trying to pass a budget, or does he have his sights set on a bigger goal?

12:00 AM, Jul 21, 2004

From JFK to JFK

What John F. Kerry can learn from John F. Kennedy's 1960 Democratic convention acceptance speech.

12:00 AM, Jul 16, 2004

A Story with Legs

Jeri Ryan's divorce papers are the summer's political blockbuster. Is there any way out for Jack Ryan, or is resistance futile?

12:00 AM, Jun 25, 2004

Arnold the Strong

Governor Schwarzenegger forces his way through California's fiscal mess--and there's nothing anyone can do to stop him.

12:00 AM, Apr 20, 2004

Strange Tales

Herein lie stories of coincidence and chance: What do the Final Four, the Rule of 14, and middle names have to do with the 2004 presidential elections?

11:00 PM, Mar 29, 2004

The Fight in California

Edwards? Kerry? Whatever. The real action in the Golden State is Arnold and three important ballot initiatives.

11:00 PM, Mar 1, 2004

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