Daniel Halper

Online Editor

Report: Sebelius 'Not Considering' Run for Senate

12:24 PM, Apr 18, 2014 • By DANIEL HALPER


Braley Slips in New Poll

10:46 AM, Apr 17, 2014

Michael Bloomberg: 'I Have Earned My Place in Heaven'

'It’s not even close.'

7:01 AM, Apr 16, 2014

Lively Senate Race in Oregon

8:14 AM, Apr 13, 2014

Holder Complains to Civil Rights Activists About Congress's Treatment of Him

'Unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly, and divisive adversity'

7:16 AM, Apr 10, 2014

Kristol: 'No Way There will be a Bush-Clinton Race in 2016'

"Hillary gets to say, 'I’m the first woman president.' And Jeb gets to say, 'I’m the third Bush president.'"

9:06 AM, Apr 8, 2014

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