Ethan Epstein

Associate Editor
Donald Trump

Donald Trump, Sam’s Club Republican

3:01 PM, Sep 30, 2015 • By ETHAN EPSTEIN


Wendy Sherman

Wendy Sherman vs. South Korea

A top U.S. diplomat needlessly insults an ally.

1:37 PM, Mar 4, 2015

Obama in Cairo

Obama: We're 'Obligated' To Condemn Religious Insults

He isn't Charlie.

4:40 PM, Feb 19, 2015


Europe’s Jewish Population Continues to Plummet

A mere 0.2 percent of Europeans are Jewish.

9:01 AM, Feb 10, 2015

Defining Defiance Down

2:15 PM, Feb 4, 2015

Ponnuru v. Jindal

1:08 PM, Feb 4, 2015

Patton Oswalt

Patton's Pathetic Pandering

Patton Oswalt tries desperately to regain his fans.

3:01 PM, Jan 27, 2015

Obama Against the Feminists

Has there ever been a president so contemptuous of his own supporters?

10:48 AM, Jan 23, 2015

Portland Streetcar

A Streetcar Named Denial

After an audit finds Portland inflated its streetcar stats, a legendary loudmouth suddenly clams up.

1:33 PM, Dec 16, 2014

The Week’s Newest – And Oldest – Racial Minority

Critics complain about racial makeup of 'Exodus'

9:18 AM, Dec 9, 2014

Anti-Military Anthem Played at 'Concert for Valor'

Unfortunate song.

8:21 PM, Nov 11, 2014

North Korea Bans Tourism Due to Ebola

Bill Richardson Hardest Hit

9:49 AM, Oct 24, 2014

Jori Bolton

Wheels of Fortune

Ethan Epstein looks a gift workhorse in the mouth.

Oct 27, 2014, Vol. 20, No. 07


Ethan Epstein is an associate editor at The Weekly Standard. He's also written for the Wall Street Journal, National Journal, SlateCity Journal, and other publications. He holds a BA in history from Reed College.

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