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3:37 PM, Mar 3, 2014 • By TEMURI YAKOBASHVILI
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Militarily, the U.S. should deploy the 6th Fleet to Crimea as a sign of engagement and support of Ukraine and potentially for humanitarian intervention, and all American and European companies selling arms and military technologies to Russia should freeze these transfers.

For those of us in the Georgian government when the Russian invasion started in 2008, we hope that people will begin to see that no matter what, that war would have begun. But though Russia is moving frighteningly fast, we are closer to Georgia circa May 2008 than August. Let’s give Ukraine a better option than an August war. Let’s be honest that “restraint” is not needed from all sides, but one side – the Russians – who have unilaterally staged and provoked this crisis in order to achieve political goals in their near abroad.

There is time to stop the war if there is a strong and unified response to support the legitimate government of a Ukraine whole and free and give them options to prevent and undo – and not just maintain – the annexation of their territory. This should be part of a broader effort to re-energize the completion of a Europe whole, free, and at peace in the face of a Russia that seems to believe the peace of its neighbors is still a material threat to them.

Temuri Yakobashvili, a senior Transatlantic fellow at the German Marshall Fund, has previously served as deputy prime minister of Georgia and Georgian ambassador to the United States. 

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