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Another Clinton-Obama Connection

3:27 PM, May 23, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Yesterday, President Obama sent out a fundraising email to supporters that likened himself to former President Bill Clinton. “I ran for president because we lost our way as a country after President Clinton left the White House,” Obama said in the email.

So much of the progress he helped make was rolled back. And so much damage was done -- to the middle class, to our reputation abroad, to our shared sense of community.

We can't afford to lose our way again -- and that's what this election is about.

I feel fortunate to have President Clinton on our team today -- he's smart, he's tough, and he's committed to strengthening this organization alongside you.

But Obama’s connections to President Clinton do not stop there. Of course, Clinton’s wife, Hillary, is the secretary of state, serving in Obama’s cabinet. And President Clinton campaigned for Obama last go around—and this election, too, he’s holding fundraisers and stump speeches with the current president of the United States.

There are more connections. According to disclosure forms with the Federal Election Commission, a man by the name of Eric Straus last month contributed $71,600 to President Obama’s victory fund, which distributes the money between the president, the Democratic National Committee, and state Democratic parties. He’s the president of Straus Digital Media.

Straus is Monica Lewinsky’s step-brother.

Lewinsky of course is the former White House intern who worked under President Clinton in the Oval Office. Her mother, Marcia Lewis, married R. Peter Straus more than a decade ago. While Lewinsky has stayed far away from politics since the scandal, her family appears to continue to support Democrats

President Obama first ran for president on “hope” and “change.” He’s now running as a Clintonian Democrat. And it makes sense: The connections between Obama and Clinton keep mounting.

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