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John Wolfe for president?

2:20 PM, May 9, 2012 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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In the wake of Keith Judd's inspiring showing in the West Virginia Democratic primary, one wonders if there's another state where Democrats could be encouraged to exercise their sovereign right of choice to refuse to rubber stamp the renomination by their party of President Obama.

john wolfe

It turns out the state in question may be Arkansas.

Arkansas votes in two weeks, and there's a Mr. John Wolfe Jr. on the Democratic primary ballot there as an alternative to President Obama. The underfunded Wolfe won only 12 percent of the primary vote in Louisiana against President Obama. But he'll surely be able to exceed that in Arkansas, with the example of Keith Judd's 40 percent showing fresh in mind. Indeed, rumor has it that a couple of super PACs are considering weighing in on Wolfe's behalf. After all, Wolfe is no political novice. A lawyer, like the president, he's been the Democratic nominee in Tennessee's Third Congressional District three times (though he's never won more than a third of the vote). What's more, he seems to have a critique of the president as a lackey of Wall Street and the Pentagon that would well be compelling for Democratic primary voters. And for those Democrats who like a touch of criminality in their elected officials, they'll be glad to know that Wolfe owes the state of Tennessee $10,000 for failing to file campaign finance documents in 2007.

By the way, Arkansas is an open primary state, so Republicans and independents can vote in the Democratic primary. (However, if we might add a caution: Fourth Congressional District residents need to vote in the Republican primary to ensure that Tom Cotton is the next congressman from that district.)

Meanwhile, we at THE WEEKLY STANDARD join to cry Wolfe—for America!

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