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Batting Three Hundred

8:14 AM, Jun 26, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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The latest depressing news on the descent of a formerly free people into a state of sheepdom comes with a Gallup survey on the matter of regulating the permissible portions of soft drinks.  Seems three out of ten Americans are okay with a law (presumably federal) that would limit the allowable serving size of a soft drink to something that is deemed acceptable by busybodies living lives of not-so-quiet desperation.  

So many things to ban.  So many freedoms to inhibit.  So earnest and humorless.  The apotheosis of Nurse Ratched.

Knowing that three out of every ten of your fellow citizens believe they have the right to jump in your business this way – with government, of course, supplying the muscle – is truly disturbing and one feels pity for these souls.  Is this the best that they can come up with when given the choice of how to spend their days?  Worrying that people are drinking 24 ounces of sugar water in a single setting.  Organize!  Protest!  Legislate! Enforce!

Give it a rest, folks.  Life is short and bliss is scarce. Have a (large) Dr. Pepper and relax.

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