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Biden on Workers Who Lost Pensions, Benefits: 'Some of Them Got Hurt ... Most Did Fine'

12:53 PM, May 17, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Vice President Joe Biden didn't seem too worried about the auto workers who lost pensions and benefits because of the restructuring that the auto bailout required:

"Some of them got hurt," Biden flippantly says. But he added: "The vast majority, because of the federal pension board they have out there to make up differences when companies go under like this. Most did fine." 

"We don't control the [pension] board any more than we control the Fed," Biden also said. "And so we're wide open to listen to anything we can do to help, but that's an independent board."

UPDATE: Congressman Michael Turner of Ohio's Third Congressional District blasted Biden for these remarks in a statement sent out to the press: 

“I take considerable issue with the Vice-President’s naïve comments today. In fact, the President appoints the Director of the PBGC, and three of his Cabinet Secretaries sit on the PBGC Board of Directors.  Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner served three Presidentially directed and controlled roles in the Auto Bailout –Secretary of the Treasury, Chair of the Auto Task Force, and Board Member of the PBGC.  All the while, Secretary Geithner sat back and oversaw a backroom deal to the detriment of Delphi Salaried Retirees across the country.  Most recently, the Secretary of Labor’s Director of Recovery for Auto Communities suggested these retirees look for training programs when asked about what he could do to help the tens of thousands of retirees struggling after the Administration took their hard-earned pensions.

“Biden’s comments are par for the course with an Administration unbelievably unaware of the own their own decisions and the severe effects they have had across our county.  It is inconceivable that those claiming victory could overlook the reality of the situation.  People across Ohio and the United States are without the retirement benefits they rightfully earned and many more are without jobs.  The next time the Vice President decides to campaign in Ohio, he ought to take the time to educate himself with the facts behind his Administration’s failed taxpayer-funded bailouts, and what it means for people left in their wake.”

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