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Bosnia Re-Arrests Top Wahhabi Plotter After U.S. Embassy Attacked

2:30 PM, Feb 1, 2012 • By STEPHEN SCHWARTZ
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When the embassy assault occurred, one of the most prolific and provocative contributors to, Abu Kudame, referred to Jasarevic under an alias as “our brother Abdurrahman,” and called the American diplomatic facility “the embassy of American unbelief and terrorism.” With frenzied insults against Sufis, Shia Muslims, the traditional moderate Sunni Muslim creed, Israel, the pope, and democratic voting, Abu Kudame accused the Bosnian secular and Islamic authorities of “generously and eagerly cooperating with the unbelievers.”

Having re-arrested Nusret Imamovic, one hopes the Bosnian authorities will handle the case better this time, neutralizing the radical network in Gornja Maoca for good and helping put a definitive end to terrorist incitement in their country. 

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