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Chamber, Obama Make Nice

11:49 AM, Nov 22, 2010 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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The Chamber of Commerce posted its best day of fundraising when Glenn Beck urged his listeners to donate to the Chamber in response to President Obama's unsubstantiated attacks that the group's political attacks were funded by foreign corporations. Beck listeners probably weren't too happy to hear Chamber president Tom Donohue say last week that the Chamber has no "intention to participate in any activity to weaken the president for his re-election."

"The chamber has not, does not and will not participate in presidential politics,” he told reporters. “And it is not our intention to participate in any activity to weaken the president for his re-election. We are not seeking any activity that would limit the president’s ability to advance his own re-election."

Now, the Wall Street Journal reports that the next step in the detente between Obama and the Chamber may be a speech from the president at the Chamber's headquarters. A speech alone can't do very much to soften Obama's image with the business community, but a speech to the Chamber along with an extension of the Bush tax cuts will help him a fair amount.

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