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Cheney: Not Sure Hillary Will Be Democratic Nominee

7:29 PM, Aug 12, 2014 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Vice President Dick Cheney tells radio host Hugh Hewitt that Hillary Clinton might not be the Democratic presidential candidate in 2016. 

"Can Hillary Clinton be beaten?" Hewitt asked the former vice president. "And if so, how?"

"Well, I think she can. I’m not at all pessimistic about our prospects there. I think she’s got a lot of things she’ll have to answer for, a lot of baggage. She’s got to explain why serving as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, she shouldn’t be held accountable for being the one who implemented those policies such as they are. I don’t think it’s a slam dunk for her by any means. I’m not even sure that it’s guaranteed she’ll get the Democratic nomination. I think there’s a lot to answer for – Benghazi and many other points that I think will be arguments against her," Cheney responded, according to a transcript sent out by Hewitt's show.

HH: But she has always eluded tough questions. Will the D.C.-Beltway-Manhattan elite ever ask her the tough questions?

DC: I don’t, boy, I wouldn’t want to make a wild guess there. Obviously, she’s been very successful politically, as has her husband, but I think her performance in the last few months hasn’t been all that sterling. You know, the book tour got her in a fair amount of trouble. She hasn’t been as smooth an item as one might expect. And you know, she’s, I think there are a lot of wannabes over on the Democratic side who are holding back, because she’s still sort of occupying the space as the expected preferred option, but I’m not at all sure that’ll be sure two years from now.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cheney had this to say about Hillary:

HH: Is it credible for Hillary Clinton to be attacking Barack Obama, Mr. Cheney?

DC: I don’t know. She’s lived with Bill for a long time. Maybe some of that rubbed off, too. You know, I’m sure she’s as interested in putting distance between herself and Obama as are an awful lot of the Democratic candidates running for office this year. You know, they don’t want to be associated with the abject failure that he apparently is turning out to be.

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