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Clown, Mindreader Ask GSA for Jobs

4:28 PM, Apr 18, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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A clown and mindreader stood in front of Senate office buildings, passing out their resumes to employees of the Government Services Administration (GSA), who were on Capitol Hill to testify, and asking the embattled government bureaucrats for jobs.

The GSA employees were testifying about their Las Vegas boondoggle, which cost tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars, and resulted in the head of the government agency to resigning. For the Las Vegas event, the GSA hired clowns and mind readers to entertain the government employees--all at the expense of American taxpayers. 

The Senate building stunt--including the clown and mindreader--was put on by the Public Notice, a non-profit group focused on bringing attention to America's debt problem, as part of the group's Bankrupting America project. The stunt was meant to highlight how the GSA wasted taxpayer dollars at their event. 

"It's a tough economy, so it makes sense for an experienced clown and mindreader to submit resumes to a federal agency that's shown a willingness to hire for those positions," Public Notice executive director Gretchen Hamel says in a statement. "In all seriousness though, the outrageous bills racked up by the individuals at GSA are symptomatic of the sprawling federal bureaucracy and its lack of accountability to taxpayers. Bankrupting America hopes this tongue-in-cheek show will highlight the wasteful spending occurring throughout the federal government."

There's no word on whether the clown and mind reader were offered jobs by employees of the GSA.

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