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Congressional Testimony: Standard Late-Term Abortion Method More Brutal Than Gosnell's 'Snippings'

11:58 AM, May 24, 2013 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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Planned Parenthood and the Huffington Post focused on the fact that the members of the House panel (both Republican and Democrat) consisted of only men. The Huffington Post failed to report the fact that two women, Dr. Maureen Condic of the University of Utah and nurse Jill Stanek, testified in support of the bill. (Planned Parenthood also ignored the fact that more than 50 percent of late-term abortions are performed on baby girls). 

Condic testified that at 18 weeks after conception "a fetus is very well developed. All of the organs and structures are fully formed. She has a face and fingerprints." Stanek noted that we do not have good data on the total number of abortions performed 20 weeks after conception because there are no mandatory federal reporting requirements. While comprising a small percentage of all abortions, the total number of late-term abortions is likely in the tens of thousands each year. 

Although we don't know how many late-term abortions take place each year, we do know that that Gosnell is not alone. One undercover investigation revealed that Dr. LeRoy Carhart will perform "purely elective" abortions 28 weeks into pregnancy in the state of Maryland. Another investigation revealed that Dr. James Pendergraft will perform even later abortions under Maryland's health exception if a mother is experiencing "stress and anxiety" from the pregnancy. The measure considered before yesterday's House panel is aimed at putting an end to such extreme brutality.

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