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Cruz: Obama's Policies Worsen Income Inequality

8:02 AM, Jan 17, 2014 • By DANIEL HALPER
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In a speech about Obamacare on the floor of the Senate, Ted Cruz made the argument that the president's signature legislation, Obamacare, is causing income inequality in America to worsen:

Here's the relevant part of the transcript:

The essence of irresponsibility is seeing a harm, seeing the facts and refusing to act. What else do we know? We know that Obamacare is killing jobs all across the country. Indeed, Obamacare is the biggest job killer in this nation.

The U.S. Chamber of commerce has said of small businesses impacted by the employer mandate, one half of small businesses say they will either cut hours to reduce full-time employees or replace full-time employees with part-time workers to avoid the mandate.

24% say they reduced hiring to under 50 workers. The President has been talking about income inequality. This exacerbates income inequality, this is why the rich have gotten richer under president Obama but the people who are struggling, young people, Hispanics, single moms, people like my dad who 56 years ago washed dishes for 50 cents an hour as a teenaged immigrant. Those are the people laid off because of Obamacare. 

Income inequality is increasing and, Mr. President, what have the Senate Majority Leader and Senate Democrats done to protect Americans from Obamacare? The answer is simple. Nothing.


In response to the millions of Americans forced into part-time work, losing their jobs? Nothing, from Senate Democrats. What else do we know? The New York Times front page headline explains new health law frustrates many in the middle class. Now, Mr. President, I recognize that not everyone is inclined to listen to a Republican from Texas. So let me instead quote that famed right-wing rag, The New York Times, discussing Obamacare.


The New York Times talks about Ginger Chapman and her husband Doug sitting on the health care cliff. The cheapest insurance plan they can find in the new federal marketplace in New Hampshire will cost their family of four about $1,000 a month, 12% of their annual income. As Mr. Chapman, a retired fireman who works on a friend's farm, and their two sons, Mrs. Chapman said -- quote -- "that's an insane amount of money. How are you supposed to pay that? Now, Madam President, in response to the middle class frustrated and getting hit with skyrocketing premiums what has the Senate Majority Leader and Senate Democrats done?

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