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Cybersecurity: U.S. Noisy But Still Supine

10:32 AM, Jun 3, 2013 • By KEN JENSEN
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Other threats have surfaced lately. No word from Secretary Napolitano on these. For example, denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on banks and Internet businesses have gone from the temporary annoyance they originally were to something far more serious. Now, anyone can apparently go to a web-based provider to set one up and have him do it for you. All it takes is digital money (although some services take Visa and MasterCard). Barry Shteiman of Imperva can give you a list of sites that seem to offer DDoS for hire: I won’t list them here. According to the Credit Union Times, “Almost all such sites claim to offer, not rogue DDoS for hire, but “stress testing” so that an organization—a credit union for instance—can check its DDoS defenses. Just one problem: Sources insisted that the majority of stress-testing sites they are familiar with do no verification that the person buying the “stress test” has any affiliation whatsoever with the target.”

But don’t worry: James Clapper tells us not to be afraid of nonstate actors in the cyber realm for another couple of years.

And on it goes. There’s plenty of government scandal to go around at the moment; but what we’re not doing on cyber has long since put us into real danger.

Ken Jensen is associate director of the American Center for Democracy for its Economic Warfare Institute.

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