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9:35 AM, Sep 16, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Greg Mankiw answers, "How much would the president actually raise the top tax rate?"

The Daily Grind

Chris Matthews praises...the Tea Party?

Not a parody: Roland Martin launches ascot line.

Rove: It's too late for a makeover, Mr. President, and demonizing Boehner and threatening to raise taxes aren't helping you.

AP-GfK poll: "Tilted toward the GOP from the start of the year, the political environment has grown even more favorable for Republicans and rockier for President Barack Obama and his Democrats over the long primary season that just ended with a bang."

31 House Dems for tax cuts for all.

"Yesterday's election results were devastating ... devastating for the schoolchildren of Washington, D.C.," said Rhee, who was hired in 2007 by Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and, like Fenty, is deeply unpopular among the District's African American population but strongly supported by whites.

The Castle-O'Donnell map.

Interesting Palin quote from Fox yesterday: "Asked whether she would be campaigning for O'Donnell in Democratic-friendly Delaware in the fall, Palin replied: 'I'll do whatever I can. I want to help, though, and not hurt. And, you know, sometimes it's a double edged sword there if my name is connected to anybody.'"

Paul Ryan responds to David Brooks.

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