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8:50 AM, Jan 28, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Sen. John McCain (via Twitter): "I agree with the Mayor...the trials of terrorists should be held in military courts at GITMO."

Law enforcement official: There was no wiretapping attempt in O'Keefe case.

The five-cent bag tax in Washington, D.C. applies to "food establishments" that sell only tiny tins of mints.

Are you ready for another Tom Shales review of an Obama speech? "Rough, tough and undaunted." I didn't read past there because I just ate breakfast.

NYT: When Justice Alito said, "not true," he was right.

Great moments in Salon corrections: "The Jan. 25 article 'Is the President Panicking' originally stated that Fox News led the charge against Bill Clinton in the '94 midterm elections. Fox News did not come into being until 1996. The story has been corrected. [Correction made 1/27/10]"

Matthews: When I made the incredibly, err, inartful and race-conscious statement that "I forgot Obama was black for an hour," I meant it in the most post-racial way possible.

Europe's got everything figured out: "A Christian family from Germany have been granted political asylum in the US after facing the threat of prison for home schooling their children."

"I've never looked at anything on the Internet. I don't follow this. I didn't write this to get publicity," Estes said.

Scientists in Climategate violated FOIA.

Karl Rove rubs it in:

It was a tense moment in the West Wing. Less than a year into a new president's term, a Senate seat was slipping to the opposition and taking with it the balance of power in the upper chamber. The president's agenda was suddenly at risk.

If this sounds like Republican Scott Brown's upset victory in Massachusetts last week, it was actually Vermont Sen. Jim Jeffords's defection in 2001. Mr. Jeffords's decision to bolt the party cost the GOP not the 60th vote, but a razor-thin majority. Yet following the defection, George W. Bush passed his signature tax-cut package, No Child Left Behind education reform, and a budget that cut in half the growth of discretionary domestic spending from the sizzling 16% rate of President Bill Clinton's last budget.

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