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The Daily Grind: Obama Going Wobbly on Libya?

7:20 AM, Apr 22, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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John Bolton: "Obama Wobbly on Libya."

Memo to the left: Stop claiming China is making great environmental progress.

"As several commenters note, it would be more efficient for Obama to just threaten to come to Los Angeles and have the city pay him to stay home."

Good point: "Someone call her on this. Why was [Kloppenburg] so sure of the outcome when she led by so few votes, but now she demands a recount when she lost by 36 times that same amount?"

Kevin Williamson on "The Four National Debts."

Well, this explains a lot: Trump has accounted for 40 percent of all media coverage of GOP candidates this month.

Wonkette editor: "Under No Circumstances Will I Ever Delete That Post Ken Layne, Take Two: That Post Has Been Deleted. Our Apologies For The Oversight."

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