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The Daily Grind: Obamacare's Unhappy Birthday

7:27 AM, Mar 15, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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"Saudi Troops Enter Bahrain to Help Put Down Unrest"

The Daily Grind: Obamacare's Unhappy Birthday

Well over half of Americans support a no-fly zone in Libya.

Huh. Yesterday was Obamacare's first birthday. Where was the big White House celebration? Must have missed that...

"In one remarkable feat of marksmanship, two insurgents were dispatched with a single bullet."

Three essential facts: "We're Out of Money, The Public Sector is Overpaid, & We Can't Tax Our Way Out of This."

"[Insert Middle Eastern state here] Needs a Culture of Tolerance."

Clash Warfare

Sen. Marco Rubion, R-Fla.: "No More Short-Term Budget CR’s"

Hey, you know what doesn't help tsunami victims? Racism.

Take five, Joe. You've earned it.

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