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Dem. House Candidate: GOP Opposition to Obamacare Racist

10:45 AM, Jul 2, 2012 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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Arkansas Democrat Gene Jeffress, who is running for Congress in Arkansas's Fourth District, offered a strange story about health care reform at a recent campaign stop. The video, picked up by Caleb Howe at RedState, contains some offensive language from Jeffress, who suggests that Republican opposition to universal health care is racist. Watch it below:

"I wish I could tell you what the lady at Monticello, after I talked about this [Obamacare], sitting on the front row right where this lady sits, stood up and told me that night," Jeffress said, asking someone off camera if he should tell it.

"What this lady told me was, she stood up and said, 'Senator...I don't want to pay for no more n--er babies in Chicot County,'" Jeffress continued, as the audience sits silently. "Boy, that got quiet. You know what that really sounds to me like? Racism. Racism."

Jeffress is running to replace retiring Democrat Mike Ross. His Republican opponent is Tom Cotton, who won the GOP primary in May and is heavily favored to win in a district John McCain won by double digits in 2008.

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