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3:48 PM, Sep 5, 2012 • By JONATHAN V. LAST
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Yesterday's Wall Street Journal had a funny piece about political mixed marriages. It opened with an anecdote about a husband and wife who belong to different parties and the dilemma they faced during a presidential election. The husband was going to be traveling on Election Day, so he gave his absentee ballot to his wife and asked her to mail it.

The wife was torn between respecting her husband's wishes, or discreetly trashing his ballot to help her preferred candidate. In the end, she decided to throw it away.

Now, before you try to guess which party the wife belongs to, let me give you some biographical information to help you along. She's 58. And she's pursuing a graduate degree. At a doctoral program in "social welfare."

But here's the real punch line: The couple live in New York.

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