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Dino Rossi Jumps Into Washington Senate Race With Web Video

12:33 PM, May 26, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Dino Rossi, the Washington real-estate developer and former state senator who lost the controversial 2004 governor's race to Christine Gregoire by 133 votes, announced today he wants to take on Patty Murray for a spot in the U.S. Senate.

He made his entry official in a five-minute web video, which went up this morning slightly later than the announced time. The YouTube announcement is below. It runs a bit long and and sounds a tad like a supplemental insurance commercial on daytime TV for my tastes, but he hits some nice notes. (The full transcript is below the fold.)

There's very little about his personal story, aside from a mention of his immigrant grandparents who came to America to work Washington's coal mines and find a better life. He doesn't mention Obama or Murray, instead labeling the "ill-advised" health care bill a "Pelosi-Reid" creation. He talks a lot about the American dream, and preserving it with fiscally conservative policies, painting himself as a uniter and implying anyone in Washington is in the service of both the establishment and special interests. 

When I was in the Wash State senate, we faced what was at the time the largest deficit in state history. I brought both parties together to balance the budget without raising taxes while still protecting the most vulnerable in our society.

I did it by seeking a fiscally conservative majority rather than a partisan majority. Now, I want to help do the same thing in the other Washington.

Liberals on Twitter are feigning delight at the opportunity to "beat Dino Rossi again," but judging by his past performances, the current polling, and the mood of the country, Murray's win is far from guaranteed. Rossi lost the 2004 governor's race only after a second, hand recount and some suspect vote-counting in Dem-heavy King County. He lost the 2008 race by about six percent. McCain's losing margin was 17 points.A good year for Republicans should mean a better year for Rossi. The Real Clear Politics average of latest polling, which is admittedly sparse, shows Murray up only three points on Rossi before he got into the race. There are several GOP challengers who say they'll stay in the race despite Rossi's entry. The primary is August 17.

Former NFL player Clint Didier (R) -- who has been endorsed by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) -- businessman Paul Akers (R) and state Sen. Don Benton (R) are also competing for the GOP nod. All three have previously said they will stay in the race regardless of Rossi's decision.

Announcement transcript:

Hello I'm Dino Rossi and I have some nimportant questions for you. Are you worried about the way things are going in America? Are you frustrated that the last two years, America's unemployment rate has skyrocketed, housing values have plummeted, and we face massive new debt as far as the eye can see?
Are you worried that our children won't have the same opportunities we had because government seems completely out of touch with what it should do to help the economy grow and create jobs? Are you angry about he trillion-dollar budget deficits, the wasteful stimulus package, and the bailouts for Wall Street?
Do you think the Washington political establishment is out of touch with just how serious our problems are? Finally, do you believe America's best days are ahead of us, if only we unleash the  energy and talent of the Amernca people and get government back to its proper and more limited role? If you're like me and you answered yes to these questions, I hope you'll join me in a great campaign to put things right.
You see, over the last couple months, as I've watched Congress pile more and more debt on top of our children and grandchildren, as I watched them ram through a partisan, ill-conceived health-care bill, as I watched them pass new job-killing taxes and regulations, I knew I had to do something about it.That's why I've made the decision top run for United States Senate. I know I won't be able to look my children, and someday their children, in the eye, if I do nothing while this fundamental redefinition of America continues unchecked. I believe the policies being passed in Washington, D.C. have put us on the edge of a fiscal cliff. If we enact much more of this stuff, whether it's cap and trade, energy taxes, or a value-added tax, then all the work and sacrifice our parents and grandparents did to make this country great for us wil have been squandered.
So, now it's time for us to rise to the challenge of our time, to make sure we leave our children and grandchildren a country that's at least as great as the one we were given. I bring a set of skills and experiences that are valuable during this time of crisis. When I was in the Washington State senate, we faced what was at the time the largest deficit in state history. I brought both parties together to balance the budget without raising taxes while still protecting the most vulnerable in our society. I did it by seeking a fiscally conservative majority rather than a partisan majority. Now, I want to help do the same thing in the other Washington.
It's gonna take common sense, bold leadershop, the right vision and values, the ability to say no to the Washington, D.C. establishment and special interests. It means dealing seriously with the massive growth in federal spending that will double our national debt in just five years. It means a tax code that rewards work, saving, and the invest that creates jobs, health care reform that gives power back to patients and doctors and takes it away from big government and insurance company bureaucrats.
We'll start by replacing the Pelosi/Reid health bill with something that will actually reduce costs and increase access. And, finally, it means trusting the people and listening to your concerns and working every day to make sure the government is on your side. 
We can do better. We must do better. Every American generation has left this nation a more prosperous place with more opportunity for those who followed. We must not break that chain, born of the hard work of the American people and the faith in a dream, the American dream.
The idea that if we work hard and play by the rules in this incredible land of opportunity, we would all benefit from top to bottom. That's what brought my grandparents Savino and Concetta Rosi to America through Ellis Island, so grandpa could work in the coal mines in Black Diamond, Washington.
They believed that Amerca would be a better place for themselevs, their children and grandchildren. The dream was never a promise that everybody would have the same things or that government would provide you with everything you needed no matter what. Our shared American dream was that you would have the freedom to rise as high as your talent and your work ethic would take you.
That's the American dream, the shared idea that built this country for over 200 years.I'm Dino Rossi. Join me. We're running against an establishment that stands for the politics as usual that got us into this mess I need you to sign up to volunteer, donate to the campaign and tell your friends to join us. Together, we'll restore the dream and make sure America remains the free, strong and prosperous nation that our parents made for us.
Thank you, and I'll see you on the campaign trail.

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