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The Czechs Pull Out of Durban III (Updated)

And the U.N. circulates a draft of another Durban declaration.

12:20 PM, Jul 23, 2011 • By ANNE BAYEFSKY
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Still other European Union countries like Britain and France have expressed a willingness to go the cover-up route, although their verbal gymnastics defy imagination. In June the General Assembly adopted a resolution on the organization of Durban III that stated: “the closing plenary meeting will comprise…the adoption of a short and concise political declaration aimed at mobilizing political will.” That’s an odd sentence apparently ending in mid-stream. It was the EU’s idea to omit the words which came after “political will.” In December 2010 the General Assembly resolution promoting Durban III referred to mobilizing political will “for the full and effective implementation of the Durban Declaration.” When the EU floated the idea of not finishing the sentence or of incorporating a technical reference to the December resolution that nobody would read, the meeting’s co-chair gave them a nod and said he appeciated their interests in subterfuge.

Whatever rhetorical devices are contrived behind closed doors, the bottom line remains: Durban III is all about commemorating an event that is forever tainted with anti-Semitism and intolerance.  The admirable decision by the Czech Republic is a wake-up call for other democracies still pretending otherwise.

UPDATE: Word has just been received that the Italians and Dutch have also decided to boycott Durban III.

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