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Failing Ever Onward

7:36 AM, Oct 8, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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Eugene Robinson makes the case for Obamacare by writing, essentially, that it is a done deal.  Time to get over it and move on.  This is a corollary of the "law of the land" argument, which asserts that the thing has been written in stone and those who are still opposed and favor repeal should quit and acknowledge their defeat in its utter finality.

Which leads one to wonder, whatever happened to "Yes we can."  

Doesn't apply to repealing bad laws, evidently. Only passing them.

Mr. Robinson, meanwhile, argues that it may be law but it sure isn't settled.  Obamacare is just the first step. So now,

As soon as the glitches are cleared up and everyone becomes a bit less hysterical, the question will be how to obtain coverage for as many as 30 million people who will still be uninsured -- including about 8 million ineligible for Obamacare because of a sabotage campaign by Republican governors.

It isn't about "insuring" people.  Never has been.  It is about getting them into the government's protective arms which, as we have seen, do not release that which they have grasped.  Obamacare isn't a failure, then, no matter how badly it functions or how much people dislike it.

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