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Frank Miller, in His Own Words

3:33 PM, Nov 14, 2011 • By JONATHAN V. LAST
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Frank Miller has a rant about Occupy Wall Street that’s going around this morning. It’s not a real shock—Miller has been on the side of law and order since The Dark Knight Returns and earlier this year he published a graphic novel, Holy Terror, about the clash of Islam and the West. So he’s been a closet-fascist for a long time.

Frank Miller

The only thing new here, I suspect, is that Miller may finally be entering a pantheon of artists who are so reviled by liberal hipster culture that they must be personally disavowed anytime their work is praised. Believe me, you can’t just josh around on a podcast with your D&D buddies and say that you like Ender’s Game unless you preface it by saying what a tool Orson Scott Card is. Ditto for Mad Max and Mel Gibson.

Nota bene: It’s still totally cool to rhapsodize about Chinatown without having to disavow Roman Polanski. Funny how that works.

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