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Fully Briefed, Right?

6:50 AM, Jun 16, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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Members of the U.S. Senate were given the opportunity to attend a briefing on Thursday that would bring them up to speed on the NSA surveillance operations, among other things.  The briefing would be conducted by James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, not some low-level staffer.

But, as Alexander Bolton of The Hill reports:

Many senators elected to leave Washington early Thursday afternoon instead of attending ...

Understandable they would just as soon not spend the weekend in Washington, especially since the Senate

... held its last vote of the week a little after noon on Thursday [and] many lawmakers were eager to take advantage of the short day and head back to their home states for Father’s Day weekend.

A fine sentiment.  Who could possibly be against fathers and fatherhood.  Still, one does wonder why, if the senators labored so hard to get the job, they are so little inclined to do the work that comes with it.  

And, incidentally, is this what we pay them for?

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