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Happy Hour: 'To Hell with You People'

7:00 PM, Aug 2, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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James Kirchik: "Why Islamist terror dwarfs Breivik's brand: Almost nobody supports 'Christianist' violence"


Jonah Goldberg: "To Hell with You People"

Steven Hayward: "Last Look from Across the Pond: Was This Obama's 'Read My Lips' Moment?"

Don Surber: "Saving Matt Damon"

Keith Hennessey: "Can the Joint Committee get credit for raising tax rates?"

Shikha Dalmia: "Obama's Top Four Power Grabs"

The Hill: "Tea Party senator unveils new PAC, won't rule out challenging incumbents"

Gallup: Obama hits a new low in weekly approval

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