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Head of Iran Nuclear Organization: 'Entire Nuclear Activity of Iran Is Going On'

9:18 AM, Feb 5, 2014 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Press TV: So technically speaking the Americans have not achieved anything in terms of stopping the injection of gas into those centrifuges? 

Salehi: No, except we can say that we have agreed to extend this moratorium on not injecting gas into the centrifuges for another six months. 

Press TV: What about new nuclear plants. Are you planning to build new nuclear power stations in Iran? We know there is one in Bushehr – one is not enough perhaps.

Salehi: Yes. We have one, which is the Bushehr power plant, which is about a 1,000 megawatt nuclear power plant. [So, Iran]... is the only country in West Asia that has a nuclear power plant.

We have a protocol signed between Iran and Russia in 1992 at the time of President Rafsanjani that the Russians according to this protocol had committed themselves upon request from Iran to construct another 4,000 megawatts of nuclear power plants in Iran.

We are trying to bring into implementation this protocol. We are talking to and negotiating with the Russians over this next 4,000 megawatts [powerplant]. Still we have not exhausted the negotiation – we are still negotiating the terms. We hope. We hope that with the next power plant... we will be able to start the work on the next power plant next year. And of course it will take 7-8 years... with the Russians; it will take about 7- 8 years before we can complete this plant.  

Press TV: Do you consider other partners? It’s just Russia?

Salehi: Now we are talking with the Russians very seriously, but we have recently received some proposals from other countries.

Press TV: Can I ask from which countries?

Salehi: No because unless it is finalized I wouldn’t like to mention it.

Press TV: What about the regional countries, if for instance the United Arab Emirates or the Saudis, other regional countries or Persian Gulf States – if they ask you Mr. Salehi do you think you can help us with building our own power plant, would you help them?  

Salehi: We are indigenously working very hard on developing one indigenous power plant, about 360 megawatts. But that takes quite a while and that is our first experience.

But, what we can do if they ask us for assistance, we can be good advisors in many aspects.

Press TV: So, you are ready to help them?

Salehi: Yes we are ready to help them. Even in instalment of equipment we have very good experience.

Press TV: There are those in the West who are saying it was the sanctions that brought Iran to the negotiating table and they are saying that maybe a year ago or two years ago Iran wasn’t ready to engage in serious talks and now Iran is engaged in serious talks.

What do you say to that? 

Salehi: You see, we have always been at the negotiating table. It is the other side who appeared at some times and disappeared at other times. We have never declined negotiating – negotiating with the P5+1.

So, we are continuing along the same track, the same course we had started out long before. So we will keep on negotiating.

We are a nation that has produced civilization. We hope this time that... we have always shown our good intention, but we hope that this time they really come with good intention and good faith.

If they really come in good faith and good intention, this is an opportunity that they can utilize. Otherwise Iran will pursue its natural course, its daily business and yes I wouldn’t deny some problems that have been emanated from sanction, but this does not mean that these sanctions have been crippling for Iran.

Iran is a big country; it is self-sufficient in many respects. It can produce its own food; it can produce most of its needs indigenously, so we have a long breath to continue with this.

So it’s up to the other side to really make the best of this opportunity to come into terms with Iran – and they have tested us many times – and Iran has stood the test of time for three thousand years. In the past 35 years also they have tested us in many ways. I think enough is enough. An advice to them is to really use this opportunity and to come into terms with Iran.

Iran has been the only country until now - among Muslim countries, that has been able to put satellites into orbit three times consecutively with success.

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