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Health Insurance Premiums Jump 20 Percent for Young Women in Districts of Stupak & Co.

Cheapest plans skyrocket 32 percent on Obamacare anniversary.

1:15 PM, Mar 22, 2013 • By WHITNEY BLAKE
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“I am perplexed and disappointed that, having negotiated the Executive Order with the President, not only does the HHS mandate violate the Executive Order but it also violates statutory law.”

As reported previously by THE WEEKLY STANDARD, Dahlkemper said in November 2011:

“I would have never voted for the final version of the bill if I expected the Obama Administration to force Catholic hospitals and Catholic Colleges and Universities to pay for contraception.”

Of the seven Democrats, Kaptur and Rahall still hold their seats in the House, and Donnelly moved up to the Senate in 2012 after a narrow two-point House victory in 2010.

Stupak, Dahlkemper, Mollohan, and Driehaus are no longer in office. Stupak declined to run in 2010, Dahlkemper and Driehaus were defeated, and Mollohan lost his primary. Driehaus proceeded to sue the Susan B. Anthony List, claiming “loss of livelihood” because the pro-life group targeted his Obamacare vote. The suit was dismissed this past January. 

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