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Hey, What About Value Drain at the Post?

10:19 AM, Nov 14, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Politico argues that, with the recent departure of some high-profile reporters and editors, "The New York Times is suffering a brain drain."

Wait a minute, says the Washington Post, trying to get in on the action. "Hey, what about Politico’s ‘brain drain’?" reads the Post's headline. "Considering that Politico has about 160 newsroom employees now listed on its masthead (including the video pod), that means that the outlet has suffered a 5 percent departure rate, more than two times the rate of the New York Times."

They're probably both, in some ways, right.

But while one is calling out the other who's calling out the other, maybe it's worth pointing out that the Post's own position isn't exactly enviable either. 

As John Nolte noted recently, when the Post was sold to Jeff Bezos, the Washington, D.C., paper lost 87 percent of its value in a decade.

The announcement that the Washington Post Co. sold its flagship paper to billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for $250 million, surprised everyone. And in an era when the Washington Postsells Newsweek for $1 and the New York Times sells the Boston Globe at a 93% loss; $250 million might sound like a lot of money. But buried in the Post's own reporting of its sale is the news that ten years ago the Post would have sold for $2 billion with a -B-.

That represents an 87% loss in just a decade. You figure in ten years of inflation and we are probably over  90%.

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