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'If It Saves One Life...'

Rep. Diana DeGette dodges questions on late-term abortion.

10:59 AM, Jun 19, 2013 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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Rep. Diana DeGette of Colorado is a prominent gun control advocate (who apparently is quite confused about how guns work), as well as the co-chair of the "Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus." At a press conference on Tuesday, Elizabeth Harrington of CNS News asked DeGette why the logic of gun control measures--if it saves one life, it will be worth it--does not apply to restrictions on late-term abortions

DeGette dodged the question: asked DeGette, “Many Democrats, when they were arguing for gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting said even if this saves one life it will be worth doing.  Why not support this bill then, if it undoubtedly will save lives of babies that have been carried throughout 5 months of pregnancy?”

DeGette said, “Well, this is, this is. … We already have laws in many states of this country. This bill is blatantly unconstitutional.”

“And, and if you look at the perceived—if you look at the stated reason of doing this legislation the Kermit Gosnell case, that gentleman was convicted of murder and sentenced to life,” DeGette said.  “Any other questions?”

When tried to follow up, DeGette said, “No, excuse me.  Any other questions?”

Well, yes, some states have restrictions on late-term abortions, but many do not (just like gun control). 

Since DeGette says that prohibiting most abortions beginning at the sixth month of pregnancy is "unconstitutional," I asked her if there was some point later in pregnancy at which she could support any restrictions on abortion.

DeGette refused to answer: 

TWS: The prohibition in this bill kicks in at the beginning of the sixth month of pregnancy. Is there some point later in pregnancy at which you could support a federal restriction under certain circumstances? 

DeGette: The Supreme Court has spoken, and this bill is unconstitutional.

After the press conference ended, I spotted DeGette in the hallway talking to a Mother Jones reporter and tried to follow-up (to no avail) when DeGette stopped speaking with Mother Jones:

TWS: Congresswoman, could I follow up on whether or not there are--

DeGette: Who are you?

TWS: My name is John McCormack. I'm a reporter at THE WEEKLY STANDARD magazine.

DeGette: No. Uh-uh. I'm not going to talk to you anymore. 

TWS: Okay. Thanks. Have a very nice day.

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