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The IHH in Germany

Dealing with radicals.

2:05 PM, Jul 12, 2010 • By STEPHEN SCHWARTZ
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Germany has begun to take notice. Just today, the German government banned donations to the IHH from its citizens. The Jerusalem Post reports: “German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said in a statement that the International Humanitarian Relief Organization was banned Monday because it has used donations to support projects in Gaza that are related to Hamas — while presenting their activities to donors as humanitarian help. De Maiziere said organizations that directly or indirectly work against Israel's right to exist lose their right to be active in Germany. The IHH, a Turkish charity that was one of the main planners of the Gaza flotilla, is widely considered a terrorist organization by a number of bodies - including the Israeli government - and has been accused of maintaining ties with a number of terror organizations.”

Germany has previously had to deal with internal Turkish political problems spilling onto their territories, but notwithstanding the aggressive agitation of Milli Gorus, most of these issues involved social pathologies such as so-called “honor” murders, conventional crime, right-left rivalries and Kurdish extremism. The activities of IHH have an obvious and newly-sinister import: Turkish radical Islam can affect events at home, in the wider Middle East, but also in the core of Europe, if Turkish Muslims in Germany opt to follow Erdogan’s anti-Israel turn. 

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