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Jim Capretta, 'The Man Who Called It Right'

1:09 PM, Nov 11, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Jim Capretta saw the Obamacare debacle coming when it was months away.

On July 5, the Obama administration released a 600 page regulation announcing a one-year delay in part of Obamacare’s implementation. States would not have to check the income of people applying for subsidies, according to the administration’s guidance. The administration simply would not be ready in time.

“This announcement is another indicator—as if we needed one—of the complete fiasco that is Obamacare implementation,” Capretta wrote the following Monday for the Weekly Standard.

It wasn’t the first delay, as a few days earlier the administration had let all big businesses off the hook for providing adequate health insurance to their employees. But Capretta saw in this latest delay a portent of the rollout disaster that America has witnessed since Oct. 1.

Capretta again called for a delay in the law, as he had been doing for months.

Whole thing here.

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