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Joe Klein Defends Israel's Military Action

8:05 AM, Jul 24, 2014 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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Joe Klein of Time defended Israel's military actions in Gaza on MSNBC's Morning Joe Thursday. Klein, a self-described critic of Israel's support of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, nonetheless argued that Western media needed to do a better job of telling Israel's side of the story, a point he debated with NBC News's Andrea Mitchell.

"I think there's been a failure of reportin on our side about the extent of the Israeli operation," Klein said. "This has been pretty well targeted, and the ground offensive is in only one neighborhood of East Gaza City. The targets, schools, mosques, that's where they store the guns."

Watch the video below:

Klein also cited one pro-peace Israeli group that told him Israel is engaged in a "just war" against Hamas in Gaza.

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