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Kerry Announces Direct U.S. Aid to Syrian Opposition

American assistance will no longer be pocketed by the Assad regime.

5:31 PM, Feb 28, 2013 • By LEE SMITH
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Some of that U.S. aid has gone to Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, but who knows how much American aid was confiscated by the regime in Damascus? Even a fraction of 95% would offset some of the sanctions the White House has leveled against the regime. Obama officials have scolded Russia and Iran for its continued support of Assad’s killing machine, but it appears that the administration’s ineptitude has effectively left it in the position of having aided the Syrian despot.

Kerry’s press conference in Rome amounts to little more than a tacit admission that finally, after two years, the administration has worked out the bureaucratic kinks. Forget about getting guns to the rebels, the Obama team is just figuring out how to get blankets to Assad’s victims inside Syria.

In the meanwhile, as Tony Badran, fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and Nadine Elali report for NOW Lebanon today, Iran is doubling down in the Levant.

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