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'Kiev Is Now a War Zone'

6:01 PM, Feb 20, 2014 • By DANIEL HALPER
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A friend who lives in Kiev passes along this note calls it "now a war zone."

"This video is from yesterday, 19 February," the friend writes:

"It clearly shows the Ukrainian "Berkut" riot police shooting protesters on Kiev's main Independence Square with sniper rifles and variants of the Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle.  These shootings are against unarmed civilians at long range - persons who represented no danger or any kind of imminent threat to anyone, least of all the people doing the shooting.  At last found 67 people were killed in yesterday's fighting, many of them from military-style weapons used by the Berkut.  Snipers still occupy the high ground in several parts of the city centre.  Central Kiev is now a war zone." 

And these videos

He adds: "I would appreciate it if you would pass this video link on to just about anyone you know – with the reminder that they still have the right to write to their elected MPs – regardless of who/which company they work for."

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